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At Moody's Tire & Auto Service, we understand that car troubles can be a headache, and we’re focused on getting the job done right so you can get back on the road.

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on 10/25/16
I experienced professional, quality and affordable service at Moody's today. This is a service center that understands that women come with brains!

Dan placed my car on the service rack and showed me the problem that the car dealership falsely advised was totally damaged, unable to provide lubrication & creating an immediate safety hazard.

The part was observed to be in the early stages of deterioration (judging from some leakage), but was effectively holding and dispensing lubrication as intended. Dan advised it would be safe to wait a while to replace.

Since Moody's provided the part & replacement at about 1/3 the cost quoted by the dealer (hundreds of $$$), I chose to go ahead and replace, knowing it would only get worse.

The part was the same type the dealer quoted since the dealer could not get the original part right away and they needed to go ahead with the work because it was, you know.... a safety hazard!!

The icing is that Moody's provided transportation to Target during the repair, where I got a phenomenal deal on kitty litter. Two great finds in one is good! Go there, ask for Dan to help with your service needs!!!
on 5/11/16
Great response to call for road tire repair, should have been a little less costly for service call since not on highway, but it is what it is.. We couldn't have done it. Service man good.
on 5/6/16
I was very satisfied with the staff, work, and price for the job I had done. I will definitely go back to the Franklin store anytime I have an appropriate need.
on 4/30/16
Love this place. It feels like family!
on 4/30/16
Impeccable service.
on 4/27/16
I was very satisfied with the staff, work, and price for the job I had done. I will definitely go back to the Franklin store anytime I have an appropriate need.
on 4/26/16
Had a flat tire late in the day. I arrived about 4:45 PM right before they were to close. They checked the tire and it was ruined and I brought a new one. In/out in 15 minutes. Wow! Great service. Thanks Moody's.
on 4/25/16
Great Service
on 4/24/16
I've used Moody's for 30 years and every experience has been fantastic. I see no reason to go anywhere else.
on 4/22/16
In and out quick.
on 4/21/16
Great service
on 4/20/16
Told me my car did not have control arms tha was not tightened during an alliagment causing tire to wear and blowout. Dealership said that it had upper and lower control arms.
on 4/18/16
Great, as always! Love this business and the way they treat their customers!
on 4/17/16
Prompt, thoughtful and outstanding
on 4/14/16
Ken was great he helped with a warranty issue that took some time and was willing to do it for me and i thank you for him
on 4/13/16
Great place to get your car worked on. Guys there are efficient and helpful. Highly recommend!
on 4/7/16
The man was awesome who came to fix my tire and was very professional
on 4/6/16
Always a good oul change but replaced my air filter without asking and charged me $25. That is excessive. Wont be coming back after 12 years of service.
Also had constant issues with brakes squeaking over the last 4 years that had replaced- twice- Always seems to somthing.
on 4/5/16
As usual Debbie and I were very pleased with the professionalism, fast and quality service.
on 4/3/16
Absolutely love Moody's Auto! The are trustworthy, friendly and hard working! Love a family owned and operated auto shop that you can always depend on for honesty and beyond fair pricing!
on 4/3/16
Wife curbed her car and blew out a tire. We are new to the area and I asked the AAA Drive ... Where should I go for tires? He suggested Moody's and I am glad he did. Got 4 fresh Goodyears, oil change, alignment and Free Lunch for a great price! These guys are Old School and know how to take care of a customer.
on 3/30/16
Very timely front end alignment.
on 3/28/16
Moody's has provided me with great service for over 40 years.
on 3/28/16
Thank you for taking care of my wife guys! That means a lot to me
on 3/23/16
Fast, friendly, affordable value. Always happy to do business here.
on 3/20/16
Just moved to town and have 4 cars with me. I was told the Moody's offers good service and prices and I could just send my wife to get things done. The first experience was a good one.
on 3/18/16
I have been a Moody's customer for many years and I feel my car gets the same good service that a Moody's employee would get. Everyone is courteous and helpful.
on 3/17/16
We've been customers at Moody's for nearly 10 years, and we always love their service. Trustworthy, friendly, convenient, and affordable. Thank you Moody's for taking care of all of our various used cars over the years. We wouldn't go anywhere else!
on 3/12/16
Great, since 1964, for my family!
on 3/6/16
Superb coverage at the counter; speedy quote, timelines defined and competitive price. Gladly to have this be our new family services center for our cars. As newcomers from Carlsbad CA, it's good to have them in my corner
on 3/3/16
Honest, friendly, reliable! They make me feel like repairing my vehicle is important to them and that repairing it in a responsible manner is also important. That must be hard to do when they have SO many people to service. Thank you Moody's....special shout to RANDY HUNT! One of my favorite people in the whole world! Absolutely the BEST!
on 3/1/16
Randy Hunt did an outstanding job, helping me with a flat on my wife's Volvo. He is an asset without peer, you can be proud to have Randy on your check-in desk. Bob Terry
on 2/29/16
In and out in half hour for a slow leak in my tire. Couldn't have been more pleased.
on 2/29/16
Excellent service as always!
on 2/24/16
Very good. Repair fixed Randy at front desk is always great
on 2/19/16
severyone is always so friendly and helpful there...Randy is a long time friend and i enjoy seeing him when i come in...the work is done in a timely way and always with great also seems to be a good value
on 2/17/16
Moodys always does a great job; never had a problem. I recommend Moodys 100%.
on 2/17/16
Efficient, friendly, and affordable!
on 2/11/16
I find that gateway is more trustworthy.
on 2/11/16
Fast and friendly service.
on 2/10/16
You can count on Moody's Tire & Auto for honest, reliable service however, because the shop is so busy wait times can be somewhat extensive.
on 2/10/16
They are honest and take things really serious. Moody's best place to go have your car fix. They all are very friendly and nice and can trust them. You all people should go there! As far I never have problem with Moody's. I will tell my friends go there.
on 2/7/16
Very honest and everything is fixed
on 2/4/16
on 1/23/16
I can always count on Moody's to do excellent & honest work! A dealership had given me a list of things that needed to be done to my vehicle and I came to Moody's to have them check it out. Turns out I didn't need two of the items done and the third, the rear brakes did need attention, but not at the overpriced amount suggested by the dealership! I left Moody's confident in the work that was done and knowing the price I was charged was fair.
on 1/21/16
Had a flat tire. Went and got a new one on. They were very nice and fast.
on 1/20/16
Everyone was so helpful and they saved me money (I was told elsewhere I needed an expensive part which I didn't). This was my first time using Moody's and I will use them in the future.
on 1/20/16
Always prompt and friendly and helpful. Have always felt like they treated me fairly as well.
on 1/15/16
Great Service. Great Price. Locally Owned. Customer Focused
on 1/5/16
Really appreciate the kindness and expertise of the mechanics at Moody's Tire & Auto. I always feel confident that my car is well taken care of when I have to take it in for service. I've never had any problems after it's been worked on. Thank you!
on 12/31/15
Hands down the best service I have ever had. They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy and informed. I give them my highest recommendation!
on 12/31/15
Great price, great service!
on 12/30/15
I won't take my car anywhere else for tires, oil change, general maintenance. Been coming to Moody's for 15 years and always satisfied with service and fair prices. It's important to have trust in the people who work on your cars, and they've earned my trust. Glad they have a new location in Cool Springs. It's good to have options!
on 12/30/15
Good people, Great Service. Will have another car in next week.
on 12/23/15
I have used Moody's for many years and the service is always excellent. It is a business that is run with integrity and I have always felt that I could trust their judgment about my car.
on 12/21/15
even when they make a mistake, Jimmy Moody always does his best to fix it. Quality people!
on 12/19/15
Very much appreciated the in-depth look at the brakes while rotating the produced a future need of rear brakes that would not have been noticed until later....always a friendly, knowledgeable, courteous staff.....
Thank you.
Mike Wright
on 12/18/15
Very quick response from counter guys. Fast service with getting my tire fixed. Thanks a million. Really appreciated the service.
on 12/16/15
they were really busy and I was still out of there within an hour
on 12/14/15
Our car tire picked up a metal object and was in danger of going flat. We brought it to the shop around 12:15 PM and it was ready by 2 PM. The charge was reasonable. Great to deal with the local folks!
on 12/14/15
I had a GREAT experience buying my Goodyear DuraTracs from Moody's. Mr. John priced them to me one weekend, he had to have them tracked down which I believe was by Jim Moody. They ordered them the following weekend after I stopped back by the store. The tires were delivered the next Thursday and installed the following Saturday. They all went the extra mile to sell me the tire that I had selected, not just the one that was easy for them to sell me.

When I showed up at 11:15 Saturday Dec 5 they were busy, (lined up to Dave Ramsey's as I heard it mentioned) I would have been fine coming back the following Monday but Mr Moody insisted they would get them installed that day AND they did! It took just over an hour which is faster than any other time I can remember when buying tires.

I had a great experience with Mr John and Mr Moody. My truck with 295,000 miles rides like new.

THANK YOU again for a great tire buying experience.
on 12/13/15
Service exceeded expectations. Fast and curtious!
on 12/12/15
Excellent service, friendly personnel!
on 12/10/15
As always, product and informed advice prevailed, however the service and timeliness were less than I've come to expect from Moody's. The tires I purchased were available as promised, but they couldn't be installed until the next day due to a short staff. The following day they had the same problem and we were really rushed to have the car ready as expected. Both this time and the recent purchase for tires for my husband's car the salesman promised to call us when things were ready, but they never did. Hopefully an expansion of the establishment is not a portent of reduced customer service, for which Moody's is known.
on 12/7/15
excellent customer service. very good pricing. highly recommended.
on 12/6/15
1st try for oil change I was told it would be one hour and a half before they could get to me
2nd try for oil change same story - wait for change would be one hour and a half
3rd trip to Moody's I left my car at 10:00 stating I would return around 1:00
I returned at 2:30 and had to wait until 3:15 for my car (Thursday)
I have had this car for ten years and every oil change has been at Moody's but this maybe my last one (Friday)
So disappointed!
on 11/29/15
Courteous service on a very busy holiday weekend.
on 11/25/15
My visit with Moody's was good as always. Employees are very kind and courteous.
on 11/23/15
on 11/19/15
Service was performed as advertised and on time. Thank you to all and Happy Thanksgiving.
on 11/14/15
I was given a quote for all the work that needed to be done, parts labor and everything. I also left my car over night to have the parts ordered and the work done the next day. I took off work, arranged a ride and when I called, I was notified that none of the work had been done. Not only had the work not been done, the parts had not been ordered. So I was docked pay at work and still had no car. Finally, day 3 of this experience, I picked up my car and paid 300$ more than I was quoted. The communication at moodys needs to change. Horrible experience.
on 11/8/15
Honest group, won't take my car anywhere else
on 11/5/15
Excellent as always.
on 11/4/15
Went for an oil change service was outstanding, wait time very reasonable as was price!!!
on 11/3/15
Everyone was very friendly and professional as I went in for an oil change.
They absoulely took care of me in a timely manner and I was able to go on about my day.
on 11/3/15
I went for a oil change, tires rotated and check slow leak in front, passenger tire. I arrived at 7:10am and at 8:30am, I asked how much longer it would be as I've waited for work done before and it's never taken this long. The guy couldn't find my car in the rotation because my completed ticket was in the basket and my car had been done for I don't know how long.!!!!!!! Now I understand stand things happen and confusion can occur. But when I said I've been waiting for almost 1.5 hours - he never once offered an apology of any kind and that's really all it would have taken for me to say "okay, I get it - things happen". Since he offered no apology I have decide I won't be opening my wallet in the future. If I'm not appreciated as a customer and not worth a simple short apology - there are plenty other places I can go and that's what I plan on doing in the future.
on 10/31/15
The folks at Moody tire Are the best in Customer satisfaction & Quality Service
on 10/28/15
The person who waited on me was extremely helpful. He understood my Robles an worked to solve it without trying to sell me more than I needed.
on 10/27/15
My reviews are always complimentary when Service is good. Today was not the case at this repair shop. I was told the day before to arrive Saturday, at 6:30 for quicker in and out service instead of having the work done that evening.. (2 hour estimate that evening) I arrived at 6:35 Saturday AM for a warranty tire exchange on two tires. I was #5 in the door for repairs. Not all were there for tire service. I did not get checked out until 8:50. Little over 2 hour wait. Simply stated this facility did not meet expectations. Given the traffic on this road and the slow service I now have received the last three times I have visited this shop, I will find service elsewhere.
on 10/25/15
Waited 3 1/2 hours for an oil change.
on 10/24/15
They continue to do an excellent job. In addition to great car service , I had lost a very special ring somewhere in my car and Jason found it by taking part of my car apart!!
on 10/23/15
I have been using Moody's since I moved to TN 25 years ago. They are a reliable, trustworthy service provider, and I know they aren't just trying to sell me a service. They are really concerned with doing the right thing. I am thrilled they're opening a second location in Brentwood with additional services. They are my #1 choice for any auto service.
on 10/23/15
they treat you well and do not try to sell a product or service you do not need
on 10/22/15
My tire blew as I came off the highway and these guys helped changed my tire when they weren't even open yet! Great service and great guys! I can't recommend highly enough!
on 10/20/15
I use Moody's for my vehicle maintenance because I trust them to be honest about work needed/done.
on 10/20/15
There is no better place to meet your auto maintenance/service needs in the Nashville area. Fair pricing, honest appraisals, and great service are the norm.
on 10/18/15
As always, well done! Very pleased. I'll be back.
on 10/17/15
I have used Moody's service for years and appreciate the honesty and courtesy given.
on 10/17/15
I've never had a bad experience. Thanks.
on 10/16/15
Always friendly, fast and sufficient!
on 10/12/15
I have used their services for 5 years. When I moved to Hermitage, TN I still drive to Franklin, TN to have them work on my Toyoto Sienna mini van. Although they do not have appointment times their first come, first serve basis is always a reasonable wait time. Personable work environment and comfortable waiting area. Patricia Cook-Salinas
on 10/9/15
Unhappy! Your rep told me I needed to replace my air filter. 4 months ago you replaced my air filter. When I told him that. He said he wasn't aware of it.
You have been servicing my car since 2006. You never told me I needed to replace my air filter in all this time. Now all of a sudden I need to replace twice in 4 months.
Finally, I noticed some changes in your store. Personnel arguing with each other, when I entered the store there was no one at the counter for over 5 minutes, one garage person complaining he had no help and since they were short handed it will take awhile for service. It took me 2 hours to get my oil change and tire rotation.
I am not certain I will return for service.
Mr. Moody thanks for your service to date.
Bill kennedy
on 10/8/15
A busy place but very good service.;
on 10/7/15
My family has done business with Moody's for 60 years. They have always provided the best service for any repair/tire situation. While I was deployed to Afghanistan, I was comforted to know the Moody Team/Family would care for my girls like their own family. Bill Marley
on 10/7/15
Professional, friendly, and trustworthy! What more can you ask!!
on 10/3/15
Good service as usual
on 10/1/15
I have been going to Moody's for many years and I will continue to be a loyal patron.
They offer professional service with integrity as well as personal considerations to a persons needs and financial limitations.
Moody's goes above and beyond the "normal" range of service!
Thank you, Moody's!
on 9/30/15
My pappy said
"Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin'
If you don't stop drivin' that Hot Rod Lincoln"
- Hot Rod Lincoln Lyrics | MetroLyrics
on 9/28/15
Always great service.
on 9/28/15
This company has kept my cars running for over 30 years! They ARE HONEST!!!! How rare!
on 9/27/15
You had to send for my tires, this Moody's, you always have what I need.
on 9/26/15
As is true with every visit since 1991, Moody's is the best! I never worry about or question anything they do or recommend. To say they are the most trustworthy business around is an understatement.
on 9/25/15
Work that I requested when I came in was not done the first time. After coming to pick up my car I found out that the main work that I came in for was not done and had to leave the car and again so that it could be done. This was very frustrating.
on 9/24/15
Great Service.
on 9/21/15
Service was slow on Saturday. I saw a friend there on Saturday and she felt that things were slow too.
Also, I was charged for a tire repair, but was given no prior notice or information about it.
on 9/21/15
Tractor tire was fast and got me back in the field working.
on 9/21/15
Moody's has been the same forever. Quality service and excellent customer relations.
Jim June
on 9/21/15
Excellent service. Friendly people.
on 9/19/15
Always a good experience
on 9/18/15
I did get a little lost in the shuffle and was there a while but they comped be the alignment. I always get good honest instruction from Moody's. love bringing my cars there and always will.
on 9/18/15
thanks for a great job. that is why I still do business with you after 57 years. b hargrove
on 9/18/15
Alway treated very nice. I can trust Moody's.
on 9/17/15
Your salesman Randy is always very helpful! After 35 years of being a customer Jin and his staff still makes feel like am part of their family. Its a great feeling.
on 9/17/15
Excellent and timely work!
on 9/14/15
Just fixed the problem, didn't try to sell us services we didn't need.
on 9/13/15
We have been customers for about 30 years. This particular visit was extremely important to me because my huge tractor tire had a long piece of wire in it; I needed the tractor fixed asap. As usual, you responded quickly, and your team did a great job as usual.
on 9/13/15
As always a pleasure to walk into Moody's! The customer service is top notch, employees are sweet,caring, helpful and go above and beyond to explain in detail everything being done. The staff is constant, same smiling faces everytime. I will not go anywhere else!! Thank you for doing such an amazing job!!
on 9/13/15
I have been dealing with Moody's for many years. My only complaint is that my last visit I was not notified when the brake service was completed and I had to keep my car there overnight.
on 9/8/15
Swift service
on 9/8/15
Always a professional quality experience. Nice folks with a servant attitude. I always appreciate Moody's service.
on 9/5/15
I brought my vehicle in for an oil change and a rear brake job which was recommended the last time I had the vehicle in at Moody's. When I came to pick up the vehicle they said that they had given me some bad information and that when checking I had 75% braking capacity on the front and 50% on the rear, so they did not do a brake job. While the information may have been somewhat confusing it shows the honesty in diagnosing any problems. I would think that other businesses may have just did the bake job and charged me for something I didn't need.
on 9/3/15
Fast and professional service, as always. Thanks for the help on short notice.
on 9/3/15
Took care of my tire needs. Explained what they recommended and why. My new tires and replaced bent wheel eliminated my problems. Now am enjoying a smooth quiet ride. For over 40 years Moody's has been my commercial, farm and personal tire service company. Good locally owned and operated business.
on 9/1/15
Always great service. Really appreciate how ya'll include tire rotation with oil changes. Thank you!
on 9/1/15
They have great ,honest service. I drive out of the way to go to their store.
on 8/30/15
Very timely oil change and purchase of 4 tires.
on 8/28/15
great service fair pricing
on 8/28/15
Great advice on new tires. Of course 4 tires and oil change always takes a while, but it's always worth it to go to Moody's.
on 8/28/15
All but one visit to Moody's has been brief and well done in terms of getting all the auto service done that they provide including alignment. My family have been taking cars to Moody's since I started driving, a long, long time ago.
on 8/28/15
Exactly the clear honest information I was looking for. I was trying to determine if I had a problem with my tires or with the car itself. Their diagnosis was spot on and resolved a dilemma missed by one car shop and two tire shops.
on 8/27/15
Great service did not have to be home for the work to be done. Thanks I will definitely use Moody's in the future and will refer friends to Moody's.
on 8/26/15
Great service and they squeezed me in even though I did not have an appointment. I will be back again!
on 8/25/15
The guys at Moody's Tire always do a great job when working on my vehicle. They work efficiently and have a friendly staff, I highly recommend Moody's Tire and Auto Service!!
on 8/23/15
The service tech did an outstanding job in finding and recommending the correct action to take to locate and fix a slow leak and low tire pressure warning on my Explorer. Great job !
on 8/21/15
Had an oil change. It was done in under 30 minutes. The staff at Moody's is always professional and very courteous. Thank you!
on 8/20/15
Always friendly. They check for other services that may be needed, like my air and cabin filters needed to be changed and they brought it to my attention.
on 8/19/15
Work was done very quickly. Personnel are friendly and helpful.
on 8/17/15
Always happy with the service received.
on 8/16/15
Moody's is the best! Despite being very busy, they were able to work us in and repair our tire. Plus, they have always been very active in supporting our community.
on 8/10/15
Tried to sell me car parts I did not need, Didnot check needed liquids!
on 8/10/15
service is quick and reliable
on 8/10/15
Great service as usual!
on 8/8/15
Great group! Locally owned and customer friendly
on 8/7/15
Always good service. Takes a while to get it done, but you all were busy. One complaint; it was probably 90 degrees in the waiting area. Hope yall get that fixed for your guys and customers. Be back in a few months.
on 8/6/15
I have been having my car serviced here for years and have always been pleased with their service. They are very professional and trustworthy in the advice they give regarding service needs for your automobile.
on 8/5/15
Always a great experience with the guys at Moody's.
on 8/4/15
I have always received really good service every time that I have brought my car in for service. They are good about checking to see if there are any additional problems with your car and will show you the reason for them bringing it to your attention.
I have always been very pleased with their service and honesty. They are very professional.
on 8/3/15
I have been a customer for around 15+ years. I trust Jim Moody. I trust Randy Hunt. I am always told the truth about what my vehicle's needs are.
I will keep coming back.
on 8/1/15
Went in for oil change and tire rotation.Tech came out to show me my dirty air filter and to say with my mileage he suggested I have my fuel injectors cleaned.After a short conversation told him to do it.Did not have a air filter to fit my car.While sitting there I noticed this tech come out and give this same spill to 3 or 4 other women .So $165 and 2 and 1/2 hours later finally on my way!! Not so fast just up the road my car started missing like it was going to quit.I turned around went back guy came out check code said cylinder 4 miss fired...ok...?? Put up the hood and discovered the tech had not closed the compartment that houses the air filter!!!
on 8/1/15
I always receive excellent service at Moody's. They are very helpful and I feel like I'm getting a fair price. No need to shop around! Definitely will be back!
on 7/31/15
My car was sitting in the parking lot of my place of employment with a flat tire. When I told my co-worker that I had to call a tow truck due to the flat tire, she told me that Moody's offered a service where they would fix the car on sight! I promptly called Moody's and spoke with Jimmy and within an hour a young man that was both courteous and professional showed up and fixed the tire! Moody's saved me both time and money! Thank you!
on 7/30/15
I have gone to Moody's for years. We get personal service that is efficient and honest. This time was unusually quick. Don't intend to go anywhere else.
on 7/30/15
i always appreciate the service of your shop...Randy is always helpful and responsive at the counter...the wait time is reasonable and the car is always as clean as i brought it when i leave..thanks for being here
on 7/27/15
As always, had a great experience at Moody's.
on 7/27/15
I took our 2010 Chrysler Town & Country minivan in for an oil change and tire rotation.
When they checked the car, they found that two tires should be replaced. I took their recommendation and purchased the tires.
I go to Moody's Tire because I trust them and I want automotive service from a place that will not just do what I ask but to also determine what else needs to be done to maintain the car in serviceable and safe condition.
I have been taking our cars to Moody's tire for 10+ years.
on 7/26/15
Was good. Everybody very nice and helpful.
on 7/26/15
The Moody's have been taking care of my familie's cars and trucks since 1964. I think we are onto something great......
on 7/23/15
3rd time in today for repairing front brakes. Dropped off at 8:00 AM and return around 1:00. Took 30 minutes to find my car only to find out the brakes had not been addressed, but told they had changed the oil and rotated the tires. I had asked for these services as well since there, but the problem is that the old sticker is on the windshield. Cannot determine if it was changed or not unfortunately.
I paid $427 for a front brake job in June and have taken back twice yet still have the same problem. Loyal customer since moving to Franklin in 2001, but over the last two years have had several issues. We are done and I still need to address my front brakes and I guess an oil change!
on 7/22/15
I was in and out within the hour! Always great service!!
on 7/21/15
Excellent service, as expected.
on 7/19/15
I have a concern. For the past three times I have had my car worked on the service guy has not removed the floor paper and have left the mirrow number tag on the car when I was ready to drive out. Also this time when I started to put my hands on the sterring wheel I noticed it was covered in black greese. So I took kleenex and wiped if off as best I could. When I got home I took cleaner and towel and got it clean. I guess I feel your guys that are doing oil change and rotation are just getting a bit sloppy and not taking care of your customers. I was there last Friday, July 17 in the am.
on 7/18/15
Well, for the first time in at least coming there for over 30 years, I was disappointed. I brought my daughter's car in and bought tires and asked them to do a front in alignment and check out a popping sound in the front. They couldn't get to the alignment because someone was out that day. That was ok. They forgot to check the moose though. Extremely nice, tthey said come back for the alignment and would get a discount. Came back ask for alignment and to really check the popping. E we going on a long trip and my daughter was very concerned. Got the alignment but forgot to check the popping sound. My daughter was angry with me. I stood up for how I have always trusted, but she said she will go elsewhere next time. Sorry. I will still use Moody's, but not her.
on 7/17/15
Excellent & honest -- refreshing in today's world. Please keep reinforcing wonderful values in your team. Thank you!
on 7/17/15
Excellent & honest -- refreshing in today's world. Please keep reinforcing wonderful values in your team. Thank you!
on 7/13/15
We are always pleased with the service that we get at Moody's.They are usually very busy but take the time to give you first class service. We are confident
that we can trust them to tell us when we truly need
a service and give us the best value for our money.
on 7/11/15
Prompt service on an oil change and tire rotate. Have used Moody's Tire & Auto for 10+ years for tire & suspension service, & oil changes - very satisfied with them.
on 7/11/15
Battery needed And they got us right in. Great service as always. Moody's is the best! I trust them with all of our vehicles.
on 7/11/15
Jimmy called to let me know that my son's truck needed new tires and had a brake issue. The brake repairs were made and the new tires were installed, giving me a sense of security that my kids are protected as they drive. It makes me comfortable to know as Franklin grows we still have the "family service" that has been at Moody's since I started using them over 40 years ago.
on 7/10/15
usual good service.
on 7/10/15
Moody's had been taking care of my car and my family's cars for over 20 years. They always do an amazing job, and this time was no different. I appreciate that I know I will never be sold something I don't need, that detailed care is taken with the work, and they always take care of everything I need. They take great care of their customers and are always very considerate of your financial and time needs.
on 7/8/15
I just went in for a tire rotation and the team was quick and pleasant. Thanks.
on 7/5/15
As always Moody's goes above and beyond what is expected for their customers!
on 7/4/15
Returned vehicle to shop to have car cleaned. Oil cap left off after oil change. Randy was very nice and Pete cleaned the car very well. Wish my garage floor wasn't coated with oil. Had Ralph test drive car to identify thumping noise above 55mph. Recommendation was need new tires. Purchased 4 new tires and noise remained. Turns out the noise was caused by a loose bumper. I just keep telling myself I needed new tires too.
on 7/4/15
great service as usually
on 7/4/15
Always a job well done, friendly and caring employees.
on 7/4/15
great service as usually
on 7/3/15
Been using Moody's all my life. Great place and very friendly people. Thanks, Jimmy for carrying on the family tradition.
on 7/1/15
Very pleased with service
on 6/29/15
Good job, 2 1/2 hours for tire balancing was a bit long, but maybe not on a Saturday
on 6/29/15
immediate greeting from the staff. very polite and got the service ticket written up promptly.
was very pleased with the service. honest and trustworthy,

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